The image of the great poet

Descendants will never forget people who loved their country and sincerely served it for its development and prosperity. The names of people who fought for a peaceful, prosperous, and stable life of our people, for a bright future, are eternal. Memories of great people, the transfer of their literary heritage to the future generation is one of the eternal values ​​of the people. Of course, one of the authors who deserves these words is Abdulla Aripov. It has become a tradition to come to the Alley of Writers to the monument of the great poet, to lay wreaths at the foot of the monument, read his poems and talk about the life and work of the great poet.

On July 4, 2020, at the initiative of Madinabona Yuldasheva, a student of the Faculty of Energy Supply of Agriculture and Water Resources, an exhibition of paintings was organized with the participation of the dean of the faculty, faculty, and students, as well as a round table discussion dedicated to the life and work of the People's Poet of Uzbekistan Abdulla Aripov. The exhibition featured about 20 paintings by Abdulla Aripov. In painting, Yuldashev Madinabona was inspired by the poetry of Abdulla Aripov. Also, a member of the Union of Writers of Uzbekistan, poetess Sayora Tuychieva took an active part in the spiritual and educational event. She read the poems of Abdulla Aripov, shared her memories of the life and work of Abdulla Aripov, talked about his human qualities. Abdulla Aripov became famous for his numerous poems and poems, in which he touched upon the theme of the people, homeland, and love for it. The poet's verses deeply analyze the spiritual world of man, the history of the people.

Information of the deputy dean for work with Youth of the faculty of energy supply of agriculture and water management Botirov Abror.

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